Click's Firearms Training for Women


​"Let's go shoot'n. I got my safety glasses on."

"What? The range. Let's go."

​Speaking of Loved ones.

​My Husband and Range Safety Officer Ben.

​A Veteran of the Kern County Sheriff's Department.

Being a retired Corrections Officer and former Reserve Deputy, my frustration level with AB-109 prompted me  to fill a need in the community to help women not be victims. This is my mission. Through Basic Pistol courses, In Home Protection, First Steps and Refuse to be a Victim Seminars this message will resonate loud and clear.

I developed my passion for firearms attending Soldier of Fortune matches, competing in local Three-Gun matches and IPSC.  The training comes in handy now being a Private Investigator and Fugitive Recovery Agent.

 I am committing my time to constantly train and offer the best courses available to women to give them the skills to not be victims and protect their loved ones.