Click's Firearms Training for Women


Firearms training for Women by a Woman

                                                                       (We also train Men and young Adults)

Never owned or fired a gun?

Take one of our courses:

CCW Initial 8 hr. class and 4hr. renewal class.

We are approved CCW vendors for the Kern County Sheriff's Office, Bakersfield Police Department and Taft Police Department. Call 661-706-1944 for dates and times.  

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course $250.00

NRA Basic Personal Protection in The Home Course $200.00 

NRA Basic Personal Protection Outside the Home $275.00

​NRA First Steps Course $100.00

​NRA Refuse to Be A Victim Course $50.00

CCW 8 hour class  $125.00

CCW 4 hour renewal class $80.00

CDCR Glock Familiarization Course 4 Hour $250.00

Continuing Marksmanship Course 4 Hour $200.00

We hold all of our classes at the 5 Dogs Range, 20238 Woody rd.93308 

We can customize any class to fit your needs.